The hospital bag.

I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and thought it was about time I sorted out my bag for the hospital. (I’m sure I had it packed at about 32 weeks with Little Knight!) I’m just taking a little pull along hand luggage case which I’m sure I used last time. The wheels meant I could pull the case along comfortably when we left the hospital so Mr Knight could carry the baby.

If you think I’m missing something or have any other ideas then PLEASE let me know!

Firstly, stuff for me:

  • Breast pads. I obviously won’t take all 80, my milk probably won’t come in whilst I’m in hospital anyway but they made me feel much more comfortable last time.
  • Maternity pads.
  • Magicool spray. I found Mr Knight spraying me in the face really refreshing during the intense part of labour.
  • Huge, dark pants. The sort that come up really high incase I need another caesarean.
  • Nursing bra.
  • Nursing vest top.
  •  Maternity nightie. I wore this last time and it’s perfect for hospital, the button down front makes breastfeeding easy too.
  • A large, dark towel.
  • Tangle teezer, hair band and hair clip.
  • Face wipes. I bought all of my toiletries from the holiday miniatures section so this pack only contains 7 wipes which is perfect as I never use them in everyday life.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant.
  • Lip balm. The gas and air really dried my mouth out last time.
  • Moisturisor.
  • Make up. If I don’t want to use them, that’s obviously fine but I think it’s nice to have the option. I just packed a mini mascara, a concealer and a BB cream.
  • A large mirror.
  • Instax Polaroid camera. To capture those first magic moments!
  • A nice pair of pjs. My lovely mama bought me these and made sure they were dark in colour and had a button down top for breastfeeding. I just think you feel so vile post birth that you want to have something nice to wear.
  • Slippers.

I’ll also throw in some of the big bottles of Lucozade Sport. I had them last time and they helped keep my energy up, they come in a sports cap so I could drink whilst lying down  and I kept being sick when I drank water as I had an empty stomach.

Stuff for the baby:

  • Nappies.
  • Cotton wool. I like to use the pads for nappy changes and the balls for everything else.
  • Lasinoh nipple cream. This should probably be in with my stuff but essential regardless.
  • 3x large Muslin cloths.
  • 2x wrap vests. I love these as you don’t have to pull them over the baby’s head and they just Velcro shut.
  • 2x long sleeved vests. These are for leaving hospital as it’ll be FREEZING. Poor baba!
  • 4x sleepsuits. 2 in newborn size and 2 in 0-3 months. Just incase they are right and the baby is huge! (The duck one was the first outfit Little Knight ever wore so I’m hoping it fits!)
  • A hat.
  • A blanket.
  • A thick ‘coat’ sleepsuit. 

We don’t know what gender the baby is so everything is white, grey and mint coloured.

I’ll also put a clean t shirt and snacks in for Mr Knight since he might be there for the long haul! There are also last minute things to put in, like my hospital notes and phone chargers but obviously I’ll need those beforehand.

And of course the car seat will be in the car ready!

I’ve also packed a bag for Little Knight to take to Nanny and Grandpa’s with plenty of pjs, clothes, nappies etc etc. They have plenty of toys and books there so she doesn’t need very much.

I hope this is a bit useful if you’re about to pack your bag or know someone who is. Again, please let me know if you can think of anything else that I might need.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

In the thirties! Pregnancy update.

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and thought I’d just do a little update. I’ve not been posting much lately (not that I think people will have noticed!) as I’ve hit that pregnancy tiredness again and the little energy I do have is being used up by my toddler, which I wouldn’t have any other way!

I mentioned in a previous post (here) that I was having another scan to check that my placenta hadn’t attached to my caesarean scar. I had that last week and it was amazing how much of the baby you could see. It has hair that was floating around in the fluid! Good news is the baby is looking healthy and my placenta has behaved itself and moved out of the way of my scar and the baby’s head. Very pleased! However the baby was measuring quite big so my consultant sent me for a gestational diabetes test but that came back clear. Thank goodness! That would’ve rained on my Christmas! I’ve got to go back for another scan in a couple of weeks and then hopefully my consultant will agree to us being on team VBAC. So far so good.

So Baby Knight II is cooking up a treat and will be a little chunk by the sounds of it. Big sister was never a tiny baby though and she never lost any of her 8lb 8oz birth weight so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I get some CRAZY big kicks and wriggles, my stomach is constantly moving around and my belly button has popped out already!

In terms of me, I have SPD now which makes things a bit difficult but I’m just powering through! I was offered physiotherapy but once Christmas is out the way I won’t have long left so I declined. It feels like more hassle than it’s worth especially with Little Knight. It’s not all the time but when it does strike I can be in quite a lot of pain. Only a few weeks to the finish line now though!

Other than that, heartburn has been completely vile and I cannot wait to eat and not think about it once the baby has arrived. I could write a whole post about how much I appreciate Gaviscon.

We finally sorted out the dreaded spare room of doom and now Little Knight has moved in to her new big girl bedroom, which she loves! Her old room will go back to being a nursery again and just needs her toddler bed converted back into a cot. It’s on the husbands to do list! He has a week off over Christmas so we’ll try and get a bit more organised then…or we’ll just spend the week lying around watching Peppa Pig and finishing off the chocolate.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Pregnancy favourites.

Pregnancy is a funny old game. Yes, nobody can deny that it is beautiful and special and magical etc etc. However, it doesn’t make you ‘ungrateful’ if you admit that it is HARD WORK. Every pregnancy is different so I don’t think it matters if it’s your first or fifth time with a bun in the oven, you still have to figure out what little things will help you through.


I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve been loving this time around.


  1. Maternity pillow

Image result for maternity pillow argos

I genuinely cannot get comfortable in bed without this. It’s basically a U shaped pillow that goes between your legs and supports the ever growing bump. Mine was only from Argos and was around £15. An absolute essential! I used it throughout my last pregnancy and it doubled up as a breastfeeding pillow when she arrived.

2. Kicks Count wristband

Image result for count the kicks wristband

It is so important to be aware of your baby’s movements throughout pregnancy. With Little Knight I once had to go to Triage at 11pm as she hadn’t been kicking very much that day. The midwives take this really seriously and don’t make you feel silly for calling. I was hooked up to a monitor and after a few hours she started kicking about and I was sent home. All the staff were so reassuring and it was much better than worrying at home. This pregnancy I obviously have a toddler keeping me busy so I wear the wristband to keep track of baby movements throughout the day. Available from the charity website (here) along with a lot more information about baby movements and what they do.

3. Instant Noodles

I mean why can’t I crave kale?! These are such a guilty pleasure but they are super quick and satisfy my hunger before I feel too sick. I just love them.

4. Gaviscon

Heartburn has well and truly kicked in and there isn’t much I can eat that doesn’t trigger it. A little swig of this sorts it out quickly, especially in the evenings when sometimes the heartburn is so bad it makes me vomit. All the glamour.

5. Sleep mist.

Image result for sleep mist

My husband mocks me for this constantly and it is a bit of a diva product but I just love it. It contains camomile and lavender and smells BEAUTIFUL. I spray it on my pillow and it helps me drift off. I realise that I sound like a complete princess but I’m growing a person, I’m allowed a bit of indulgence!

Please let me know of any products or items that you have loved/are loving during pregnancy! Especially if you have found anything for achey and restless legs as that is becoming more persistent.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Mr Knight talks pregnancy.

Hello everyone! Mr Knight here, gatecrashing the wife’s blog to talk about the other side of pregnancy.

It’s just so weird!

Before Little Knight, I had absolutely no idea how much pregnancy could change someone and I don’t just mean the swollen belly. Mrs Knight now hates anything with melted cheese on, to the point where I once had to eat my tea in solitude as she found either the pizza or me too repulsive.

Balloon v Baby

I’m always worried that the insane hormones will rear their head at any moment. This one time at bandcamp, we were watching TV and I was tucking in to some classic Ben and Jerry’s ice cream when Mrs Knight suddenly burst into tears! I asked what was wrong and it was because I hadn’t offered her any (stupid man). “Oh… sorry… do you want some?” “NO, but that’s not the point!” We laugh about it now, and I’m allowed to tell the story, but at the time Mrs Knight did NOT find it funny. Another example was when she was in the bath and she accidentally dropped her shampoo on her head. Funny right? WRONG! Mrs Knight was so upset it was actually difficult to console her and not because it hurt but because she just felt sorry for herself (she’s OK now don’t worry).

As we get into the later stages of pregnancy, I take on a few more helper roles. For example, what I refer to as ‘the sofa situation’. Watching Mrs Knight get off the sofa last time when she was full term, was like watching a turtle on it’s back trying to turn over. So I’ll be right there to help her to her swollen feet. Speaking of which, she will soon struggle to see them let alone reach them, so I will help with her shoes and socks… although last time when I tried to get her boot off I didn’t realise that there was a big zip on them so nearly pulled her whole leg off instead.

I’m glad it’s not me that’s pregnant, I really couldn’t cope. I struggle to get out of bed on a wet Monday morning! Mrs Knight is doing such an amazing job, growing our baby whilst also looking after our toddler that runs around like she’s in fast forward. She’s like the Bear Grylls of the toddler world!

So, here’s to my wonderful wife, you are doing a brilliant job and I can’t wait for our little family to gain another member of Team Knight.

Normal service resumes next week.

Much Love, Mr Knight X


The First Trimester

Oh. My. Goodness.

I can’t quite believe that we’re doing all of this again! Baby Knight II is due at the end of January which I’m sure will zoom by.

All day nausea and extreme tiredness struck at about 6 weeks. It makes it so much more difficult when the majority of people didn’t know I was pregnant and I was trying to carry on as normal. So far I’ve only actually been sick once but it’s still been hard with Little Knight to entertain. I’m not complaining though, we got pregnant really quickly and I know we’re so blessed, I don’t take it for granted. However I also can’t say everything is fabulous when I feel a bit yucky, just keeping it real!

I was pretty much living off cheap crisps on the really bad days as nothing else was really helping. It’s not very nice when you don’t feel like you’re being the best mum but I keep trying to remember that it’s not forever and she likes Peppa Pig anyway!

I struggled to fit in my jeans quite early on, I’m assuming my stomach muscles are pretty much ruined since my last pregnancy/caesarean so there isn’t much keeping me in! I’m finding it quite difficult seeing my weight increase after I lost so much but I keep reminding myself that I can do it all again in time. Right now my body is very busy and I need to just give myself a break!

My favourite meals are now plain pasta and and a bit of ketchup or beans on toast. Such a sophisticated palate, I know, but they really help with the sickness. I’m not really as bothered about sweet foods like I was before and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND MELTED CHEESE.

I’m having to see a consultant due to my previous caesarean but hopefully I’ll be ok to have a natural birth this time. So far so good anyway. We’ll see what information my 20 week scan reveals. Birth feels like a long way off right now!

So that’s about the first trimester summed up. I’m now coming up to 16 weeks and the nausea is starting to settle and I’m not such a sloth. I know I shouldn’t wish my pregnancy away as it may be my last one but I can’t wait until I start to feel movement, it’s such a reassuring feeling!

Thank you so much for all of the lovely messages and well wishes we’ve received. We really appreciate every one.

How did you find early pregnancy? Did you have any essentials?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x




Reflecting on pregnancy

Before I even start, I’m not pregnant. I need to get that out there from the off! However, my little sister is heavily pregnant and I have a few friends who are also expecting. It’s such an exciting time and has made me look back on my own pregnancy.


Here is a list of things that I wish I could yell at my former pregnant self:

1. You don’t have anything to prove and nobody is handing out medals. I am very stubborn by nature and this was emphasised when I was pregnant. I would just carry on going to work and doing everything I normally did even when I was exhausted/had sciatica/a vomiting mess just to prove that I could still do things. I now realise that nobody thinks less of you for sitting down every now and then!

2. Pack things for Mr Knight in the hospital bag. This might be obvious to everyone else but it didn’t even cross my mind. I only thought about myself and the baby and we ended up being in hospital for longer than we expected. Next time I will pack him a clean t shirt and some substantial snacks.

3. Don’t get too focused on the due date. Baby Knight was a week late and I wish I’d just relaxed about the whole thing! Turns out babies come when they’re ready. Come to think of it, don’t get too focused on the birth plan either. That was a waste of ink!

4. Take more belly photos! I wish I’d taken them more regularly to watch my bump grow.

5. GO TO THE DENTIST, YOU COMPLETE IDIOT!!! It’s free and I still didn’t go which was very, very stupid. I always had an excuse but I was actually just too scared. Turns out a filling is a walk in the park compared to labour.

39 weeks!

39 weeks!

However, that said there are some things that I feel like I got right and would try to repeat in a future pregnancy and recommend to others.

1. I still love our pregnancy announcement photo and would definitely do something like that again. It felt so exciting planning what we were going to do and we had so many compliments on it.

Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement

2. Lucozade Sport in the hospital bag kept my energy levels up and the sports cap is easy to drink from whilst bouncing on a gym ball. Win win.

3. Mr Knight and I kept the gender a surprise and I’m so glad we did. We had quite a traumatic birth but him telling me we had a baby girl will always stand out in my mind despite everything that happened. Everyone kept telling me it was going to be a boy so I couldn’t believe it!

4. I actually bought quite a lot of maternity wear despite others telling me it was a waste of money and I would do this again. I think it’s important to feel confident and it’s such a special time, you want to enjoy it and look your best. I loved showing off my bump and enjoyed shopping for my new body.

5.  Get a pedicure before the birth. I can’t stress this enough. Your feet will end up in a strangers hands. Despite being in a lot of pain I was glad I was looking my best! I know, im sure the lovely midwives don’t care but I definitely did! Plus it’s a nice treat for your poor feet after supporting all that extra weight.


41 weeks!

Anything you would like to add? Agree with anything? Please let me know! I love talking pregnancy and it might be useful to others about to go through it. Now that I’ve wrote this I actually miss being pregnant!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Pregnancy and Labour story.

Just the words ‘pregnancy’ and ‘labour’ make me feel a little bit sick. I still get a little envious when women glow throughout their pregnancies and have a labour that mirrors their birth plan. It took a good few months to feel ok with how my daughter came into the world which I hear is natural when things don’t go to plan. However, that is skipping to the end of the story…

Mr Knight and I decided the time was right to turn our worlds upside down around April 2013 and we were very blessed to take that positive pregnancy test in the following November.

Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy just did not suit me. I was sick at least once a day from about 6 weeks in so instead of that classic pregnancy glow my skin looked grey. I also suffered vile heartburn and had a brief spell of sciatica. Despite feeling like I was dying, my little baby was thriving and that made it all beyond worth it! We didn’t find out the gender which just added to our excitement. My birth plan consisted of a water birth with flexibility regarding pain relief, I wanted skin to skin as soon as it was born and Sam wanted to cut the cord.  I worked up until 37 weeks and my mum and sister planned a beautiful baby shower for just afterwards. And then the waiting game started…

37 weeks!

37 weeks!

Finally, 6 days after my due date I was woken at 6am by my waters breaking. I rang the hospital and then off we went to get checked out. After confirming my waters had gone and doing some business down there, the midwife told us that our baby was back to back and I should spend as much time as possible on all fours to get it to move. We were then sent home to wait for labour to start. We stopped off at Gregg’s bakery on the way back to grab some breakfast and I had my first contraction – I was so excited! (Clearly did not know what was in store.) We then spent the whole day on the birthing ball and timing contractions until about 11:30pm when I couldn’t handle it anymore and forced Mr Knight to TELL the hospital I NEEDED to come in.

We got to the hospital to find out I was just 2-3cm. I could’ve punched that poor midwife in the face. We plodded off to our room where I spent the next few hours bouncing on the birthing ball and getting high as a kite on Entonox (gas and air to us normal folk). True to form I was constantly being sick so had an injection so I could keep some water down. This is where it gets a little hazy for me. At some point I had Pethidine which did nothing and then eventually gave in and had an Epidural. I know everyone is different but looking back it was definitely the best decision for me. I even managed an hours sleep!

By 7am I was 10cm and ready to push. Here we go, time to meet our baby! Except after two hours of pushing nothing had happened. I remember so clearly the midwife saying “ok, we’ll just get the doctor to pop in and see you.” That’s when I knew it had all gone wrong and whatever the doctor was about to say would be bad news. Sure enough, baby was stuck and I was then rushed to theatre for an emergency caesarean. I was a complete mess and to make it worse my spinal block would only work on the one side of my body. I then had about four members of staff spraying me with cold stuff to see where I had feeling and asking me what felt colder. I was told that they would tilt my bed and if that didn’t work I would have to be put to sleep. All this with Mr Knight waiting outside not having a clue what was happening. Thankfully it all worked and a few moments later he was by my side as I was sliced open and our baby was pulled out.


At 11:15am Baby Knight was born weighing 8lb 8oz. However we couldn’t bask in joy for very long as before I could see her she was whisked away with breathing problems. As I was being sewn up and sorted out my baby was in the neonatal unit. Thankfully, she only needed to spend a few hours in there but being wheeled into our shared room where every woman was cuddling their newborn was tough. Finally she got bought into us and we just stared at her in complete awe. I actually asked the midwife if I was allowed to pick her up! I was able to leave hospital at 4:30pm the following day which was a huge relief as I hated not having my husband with me when I needed him the most, that and I was sharing a room with a serious snorer. Once at home we had our families to visit and felt like we were in a little bubble of love. It took about 5 weeks before I was feeling back to myself and not in pain but to be honest the first few weeks are all a bit of a blur anyway!

My first mummy cuddle

My first mummy cuddle

So not one part of my birth plan was honoured and I definitely felt a bit of a failure for a) having an epidural and b) having a caesarean. However, 7 months down the line I look at our birth story very differently, all that really matters is our baby came out safely and is healthy. The rest is just the details.

Thanks for reading!

Knight Mummy x