Our little Spanish holiday.

Well. Aren’t holidays with a toddler different? Don’t get me wrong, we had THE BEST time and she really loved it, but my goodness it was full on! There was no pool lounging or lazy tapas lunches like we’ve been accustomed to! Seeing her little face when we got to beach was incredible though so I wouldn’t change anything. It’s just one of those times when you really notice how things have changed.

Anyway, from the start! She was a little dream travelling there. I pulled her from her comfy bed at 4am and took her outside in the rain to travel to the airport but she just took it in her stride. On the plane she watched Ben and Holly, ate all her breakfast snacks and covered us in stickers. She was  actually better behaved than me as I was shuffling and moaning about how uncomfortable I was!


We spent the week mostly at the swimming pool as she loved it so much. We developed a little routine where we would get up and out in the mornings, have a picnic lunch by the pool and go back to my grandparents for a siesta in the afternoons. We also went to the beach a few times and walked into the nearby town for food and a bit of shopping. We even managed to eat out on two evenings! There was a little train that went around the complex everyday and she loved having a ride on that.


We stayed with my grandparents, who live there, so Little Knight obviously doesn’t see them very often so it was really lovely seeing her relationship with them build. She’s only just started remembering them when she sees them so it was great to have so much quality time together.

She slept really well all week which I think is because our days were so full. Eating wasn’t too bad either really, ignoring the fact that she had multiple ice creams everyday. But that’s what holidays are all about!


The flight home was also really good. She fell asleep for the last 40 minutes as we landed at about 9:30pm. We only took hand luggage so we could go straight through to passport control and then home to bed.

She was really happy there (we had barely any tantrum moments) and we can’t wait to take her again. Although next time we’ll be a family of 4 so it’ll involve a bit more juggling!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

A week away!

Firstly, I’m sorry for being a complete blogging fail over the last few weeks. Those naughty teeth have been erupting again and upsetting my poor girl!

A few weeks ago we went on a lovely family holiday to Devon with my parents, my pregnant sister and her fiancé and his best friend and parents. Baby Knight absolutely loved having so many people around all the time which meant we did too. It felt like such a luxury to be able to take my time in the shower and to read a magazine with a hot cup of tea! Bliss! We were very lucky with the weather too, Britain isn’t notorious for its glorious bank holidays but we managed to catch one. Not one rainy day all week. That’ll do, pig.

We set off at 7am on the Saturday as we anticipated a lot of service station breaks (we were right) and arrived at about midday. Baby Knight coped really well with the travelling and settled in quickly. The rest of the day was spent unpacking and putting up Easter decorations. (My previous post shows everything I’d bought.)

The next day was Easter Sunday. We are Christians so it is such a celebratory time for us. We have friends who live in Devon and they kindly invited us to their church for the morning service which was so joyous! Afterwards we spent the day enjoying a three course meal with the family and then my dad organised Baby Knight’s first Easter Egg Hunt. My sister and I even managed to squeeze in a spot of baking, something I don’t really get the chance to do anymore.

Most of the Devon crew

Most of the Devon crew

Some of our treats

Some of our treats

We also took Baby Knight to her first zoo which was such a sweet day! I was a little concerned that she’d be too young and it’d be a complete waste of money but she was adorable! Her favourites seemed to be the giraffes, tigers and elephants, I couldn’t believe that she was watching them with such excitement.


Elephant spotting with Daddy


Taking it all in!

The rest of the week was spent relaxing and visiting cute little towns. It was a real treat to spend so much time altogether, I’m always conscious that Mr Knight misses out a bit being at work. However, he definitely chose the best week to have off, we felt like we came home with a different baby! I don’t know if she’d been waiting for a decent audience or if it was the magic of the sea air but in the space of a few days she learnt to say ‘nana’ and ‘dada’ (don’t worry, she’s had ‘mama’ down for weeks!) she learnt to clap and most momentously… SHE LEARNT TO CRAWL! My baby is on the move! This is both thrilling and terrifying in equal measures. It is such a joy to see her explore her environment on her own and watching her learn. She is also ecstatic about this new trick and has developed a new super cheesy smile to prove it.20150406_182113

Devon is such a beautiful place and we’ve all decided we’re returning next year. My niece or nephew will be with us next time and Baby Knight will be 2 so it’ll be a whole new experience but something to look forward to. I was a bit sad to come home and get back to normal but we’ve been too busy baby proofing our house to really have time to think about it!


Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x