For the new big sister.

The biggest difference between this pregnancy and my last one is that I have a whole other person to take into account now. Our little girl is about to transition into a role that she didn’t ask for and doesn’t yet understand so we’re trying to make this as smooth and happy a process as possible. The baby will be content as long as he/she has constant milk and cuddles so Little Knight and her emotions are our priority at the moment.

She’s got a few age appropriate books about becoming a big sister which she really enjoys reading and she will kiss my belly and say ‘bebe’ so she has a vague understanding about the whole concept. But to be honest how can you really prepare a 2 year old for such a big change? I don’t think the husband and I are completely prepared!

I’ve prepared a special basket of treats that she will get when she first meets the baby as I really want to make a fuss about her being a big sister and how special she is.

Her basket contains:

  • A new reading book. I chose Supertato as she already has the first story in this series and really loves it.
  • Sticker book. She had the reading book of the same story so she knows it well. This is a read a long book where she has to fit the stickers into the story. She loves stickers and I thought it’d be a nice activity to do together.
  • Personalised card. I ordered it off eBay and it was very inexpensive with her name on. She obviously can’t read but I thought it’d be nice to keep.
  • Peppa Pig jumper. She actually chose this herself about 2 months ago and I put it away so she’s forgotten about it.
  • Twirlywoos figures. These were the most expensive part of the basket. She is really enjoying small figures at the moment and finds all of the Twirlywoos characters very funny. As they are little they’ll be perfect for putting in her little backpack when we go out and I know she’ll be really excited about them.
  • The basket itself was from eBay and it can be used in her bedroom afterwards.

We’ve obviously not long had Christmas so nothing is particularly extravagant but I know she’ll be really happy to have each thing. I haven’t wrapped anything as I think the whole situation will be a bit overwhelming anyway so I don’t feel like a big basket of presents will help. She can have fun opening the baby’s presents when we have visitors.

Little Knight will be staying with my parents whilst we’re having the baby so Mr Knight will collect her from there and bring her to us so it’ll just be the 4 of us. We’ll then have family and other visitors when we’ve had some time alone.

I’m so so excited but also a little apprehensive about everything but I think that’s natural when it’s such a big deal! I wrote a post about how I felt about having a second baby (which is here if you missed it) and I just think that you can’t help but feel guilty about everything when you’re a parent sometimes!

Please let me know if you did anything like this or your stories of new siblings. Hopefully it won’t be long until Baby Knight is here now!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

No longer the only one.

I am so happy to be expecting again and I cannot wait to add to our little family. Siblings have such a special relationship and we’re so blessed that we’re able to give that to Little Knight. She will really love being a big sister. She is such a kind and gentle little girl and I am beyond excited to see her with our own baby.

However, the whole point in this blog is that it is an outlet where I can be completely honest and as excited as I am, I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for my girl. My beautiful first born. The darling who made me a mama in the first place! Everything has been about her for so long and I feel sad for her that things are going to change so much. She’s not a spoilt child in terms of stuff (though she definitely doesn’t go without) but she is with attention!

She’s going to have to share me and I feel so sad thinking about her wanting me to do something and she might have to wait. I know a lot of people will say it’s good for her to learn all this and blah blah blah but she’s still so very little.

I feel almost selfish for wanting another baby and putting her in this position. In her world, everything is lovely how it is and we’re going to change everything. In my logical mind, I know she’ll love having a sibling but that doesn’t stop me feeling guilty about making her adapt to this. Being pregnant is hard work, I can’t run after her like before and climb around soft play and she doesn’t understand why.

We have ‘big sister’ books and we talk about the baby a lot and she’ll kiss my tummy but she’s still so young and I know she doesn’t really understand what’s going to happen. We’ll just drop her off at Nanny and Grandpa’s with no idea when we’ll pick her up. She’ll have the best time there but I will miss her so much.

When she does see me again EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT. This new baby will be here and needing so much from me and from then I won’t just be her mama. I’ll be two little people’s mama.

When the baby is born and people come to visit I worry that she won’t get any attention. The little baby won’t have a clue but my big girl will and I can’t bare the thought of her feeling left out.

I know the hormones aren’t helping. I’ve said ‘sad’ like 16 times but I can’t help it. It’s the only word that seems to fit!

Please let me know if you feel or felt the same and that I’m not the only one! Obviously we are all really excited to have this baby and I’m so happy to be pregnant! It’s just the combination of crazy hormones and the dreaded mum guilt. In reality, I’m confident that my girl will thrive and really love being a big sister. She’ll have a best friend for life. I’m sure they’ll enjoy moaning together about how annoying and embarrassing their parents are!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy X

Turning Two

We were away in Devon for the week of Little Knight’s birthday so the night before we filled the caravan with balloons, bunting and pom poms. Her face when she walked in the next morning was so special!
We had quite a chilled day really, which was a nice contrast to how manic her 1st birthday felt when we were party prepping. She opened presents all morning then we all went off to the beach.

She was SO EXCITED when we arrived! I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time we were there. Little Knight spent the day splashing in the sea, building demolishing sand castles and scoffing ice cream. When it was time to go she was so exhausted that I carried her all the way to the car (but I really love a sleepy cuddle, even if I was on my knees by the time we got there!)

grace birthday
She had a nice long sleep in the car and then ran around outside with Daddy and Grandpa. My sister and I cooked everyone a curry as its one of Little Knight’s favourites.
We all gathered together and sang Happy Bithday then she had a slice of her birthday cake. Now she doesn’t really eat cake but she really enjoyed mushing it up and pointing at the colours, definitely worth the effort!

Curry was demolished by everyone and then we sat outside as the evening drew in. Little Knight was in full entertainment mode and wanted to perform all of the action songs on her repertoire, prancing about in her pyjamas and coat! She really loves making people laugh.20160714_124924.jpg

It was honestly the PERFECT day. It was so relaxing for everyone and Little Knight enjoyed every minute. I think I’m now sold on the idea of a chilled out birthday celebration! I was so stressed out last year trying to make everything perfect. This year all I did was buy a few decorations off eBay and bake the cake and its all we needed!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

The Big, Fat Mint Wedding.

Sorry I’ve not posted anything in so long, it’s been a busy month!

My sister got married at the start of April, which was a real team effort and such a beautiful day. Not long after that Little Knight was poorly with some coughing, vomitting virus thing. It’s so all-consuming when they’re ill isn’t it? Then I’ve been working towards doing my driving theory test, which I passed yesterday. (I’d never have mentioned it otherwise!)

And now you’re caught up. So back to the wedding!

Little Knight and I stayed at my parent’s house with everyone the night before. In the morning it was all systems go. Hairdresser arrived and then I started on make up as I had myself and then 4 others to do.

Mr Knight and my dad took Little Knight out for breakfast with all the men so we could get ready. She did really well when she came back as there were lots of people she didn’t know (photographer and the lady to fasten the dresses had arrived by now too) and as I was getting ready I couldn’t just sit and comfort her.

By some miracle we were all ready with time to spare! Little Knight went off to the venue with her daddy in our car, we really tried to keep things as familiar as they could be for her as it was such a crazy day. I, however, got to ride in a gorgeous mustang with the other bridesmaids!

My poor baby was so upset by all the new faces that Mr Knight took her out so they missed the whole service, which was a shame but it’s what she needed. He took her for fresh air and quiet time to try and calm her down.

Afterwards we had a few drinks by the fountain and some group photos and then enjoyed mingling.

My sister had made everything as child friendly as she could. There were toys and a little ball pool inside and Little Knight loved rolling them around and chasing them. It helped to get her used to being around so many strangers as she had something else to focus on and she was much happier after that.

We tried to get her to sleep a few times but she was having none of it. I took her to another room to breastfeed her to try and calm her down and send her to sleep but she had her milk then wanted to twirl around in her pretty dress instead. Toddler priorities!

We ate, we drank and we had a good laugh and cry at the speeches. Special shout out to Mr Knight who had the pressure of the Best Mans speech and nailed it!

Afterwards we went to our room to freshen up and Little Knight FINALLY gave in and had a sleep. Mr Knight stayed with her while I went in search of wine and mingled with the evening guests.

She woke up and had a little dance but then fell asleep, how do kids always manage to fall asleep at parties? She did so well, it was a long and very overwhelming day for our little flower girl but I was very proud of her.

I, of course, ditched my shoes and danced until the very end. It was a brilliant day, everything we had hoped for and more.

So, congratulations Mr and Mrs Page!

The next few days felt so strange. We’d been busy planning for such a long time and then it was all over! Such a weird feeling but I’m just looking forward to the next celebration now. We’re going to our favourite spot in Devon in July and whilst we’re there it’s Mr Knight’s 25th and MY BABY GIRL TURNS 2!!

So that’ll keep me busy!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

A toddler Christmas.

So far in my adult life I’ve enjoyed Christmas as newlyweds, Christmas pregnant and Christmas with a baby. Now we have a toddler and things have had to change!

We put the tree up on Saturday, she’s had it down twice and it’s only Monday. The last 3 Christmas’ that we’ve lived here, we’ve had a glorious real tree and I wouldn’t even let Mr Knight help to decorate it. All the pretty baubles were perfectly distributed and colour coordinated. This year I have a rubbish little 3ft tree from Tesco with about 10 baubles on.

This might sound like I’m moaning BUT Little Knight loves the rubbish tree! She does her happy squeals when the lights are turned on and had a great time throwing baubles at it. When we bought the tree she took a liking to some £1 tinsel and she’s been enjoying throwing it around the room and tickling her feet with it.

That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? Enjoying Christmas through a child’s eyes is so special. She didn’t see a rubbish tree, she thinks it’s beautiful!

I’m learning that having a toddler is exhausting but so much fun. We’re planning outings with family to see Christmas lights. We’re taking her to see reindeer. When she’s asleep I find myself on Pinterest looking at festive activities we can do. I’ve put some Santa bells in my bag so that when we’re at church, she can jingle along to the carols. She’s even been treated to a festive babyccino (which she didn’t care about but I loved every second.)


Mr Knight bought the Happy Land nativity set as we wanted some decorations that Little Knight could enjoy too. I thought this can be something that comes out every year and will mean even more when she’s older and understands the characters. We also have a beautiful Usborne Nativity book which is touchy-feely with not too many words so perfect for her age. I know at 16 months she won’t understand the story but I want her to know what Christmas is really about from as young as possible and you never really know how much they take in.

We haven’t gone too crazy with the presents, she’s got some things that I would have bought anyway but have been wrapped up like finger paints and stickers. She has had a couple of toys as she seems to have grown out of a lot of hers now so I’ll have a good clear out before the big day and refresh her toybox.

If you have any toddler activity ideas or days out please let me know. I want to make the most of everyday and anyone with a 1 year old will know you have to keep busy! What are you excited for in the lead up to Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

A photoshoot with a toddler.

It had come to the point where we just could not get a decent photo of the three of us. No matter how hard my poor sister tried, Little Knight was having none of it.

But I won’t let a child beat me in my quest for family photos! Instead, I hired a professional.


Much better!

I’m so happy with how our photos turned out and you wouldn’t even know that Little Knight wasn’t feeling very cooperative that day.


Here are a few points to consider if you’re looking to have photos done yourself.

  • Choose a photographer with experience of working with children. Little Knight cried for the first 10 minutes and wouldn’t leave our side for the next 20 minutes. Our photographer (Picture This – seriously cannot recommend enough) and his partner were AMAZING. We felt so relaxed which definitely rubbed off on Little Knight and they spent the time playing with her and building up a bit of a relationship. They have a daughter of a similar age and it made a big difference knowing that they ‘get it’.  I think it’s vital to feel comfortable with your photographer.


  • Give yourself plenty of time. As mentioned above, we had some settling in time to factor in and we all know toddlers will not be rushed! We had over two hours and ended up with lots of lovely images to choose from.
  • Be prepared! I’m talking (not messy) snacks, tissues, a drink, wipes and anything else you can think of. We had to have a lot of breaks.
  • Think about your outfits. You might want to go matchy-matchy or coordinated colours, especially if these photos will be up in your home. I put Little Knight in bright red and then my husband and I in darks so that she would really stand out in the photos.


  • Have an idea about some of the photos you want. Your photographer will have lots of ideas too but it’s good to have a few shots in mind. I obviously wanted some of the three of us and I wanted a breastfeeding photo.


And just have fun! My favourite photos are the natural smiles and at 15 months, Little Knight will not pose, so we just played and enjoyed being outdoors with her.

How have you found getting photos of your family? Have you ever had professional photos done yourself? Please share any other tips you have, we’ll definitely be having more done when she is older.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

 A little baby shower

My baby sister is due to have her own baby in a few weeks and I could BURST with excitement! Now that she’s finished work my mother and I decided to spoil her with an afternoon of cake and presents. Pregnancy perks!

The invitations

We hired the upstairs in a lovely little coffee shop that my mum and I are becoming regulars in. It’s decorated beautifully so we didn’t need to do much, we just added some bunting, hanging decorations and a balloon cluster. We went with a yellow and grey theme as she hasn’t found out the gender. (This just adds to the excitement!)

I put a Baby Prediction card in everyone’s space where each guest could guess the gender, size, date and time of birth and leave a little message for my sister. This really helped to break the ice and got everyone talking which created a lovely atmosphere. It was also really nice to read everyone’s predictions afterwards and there was a combination of funny and sweet messages.

That bump ❤

We all had some lunch and drinks then she opened her presents. This took ages as she had LOADS but everyone enjoyed seeing what she had. The chorus of ‘awwwwww’s was deafening!

My sister then cut her cake and it got shared around. This all took 2 hours! It was the perfect length as my sister was getting really tired by the end and she had still managed to talk to everybody. I didn’t bother with the traditional games as they aren’t really her thing and we had a real mix of ages. I was worried it would be strange without playing games but they weren’t missed and the afternoon flowed really well.

 I love baby showers! I had one before I had Little Knight and I think they are such a special way of celebrating being pregnant and being spoilt before the baby arrives.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

One year on

Next week marks one whole year of being a Mummy and I’m definitely feeling the gravity of this! It’s made me think about the crazy adventure we’ve been on this past 12 months and how much has changed. I am feeling very nostalgic and have been reflecting on our time with a Baby Knight.


Not a baby anymore!

As a result, here are 10 things I’ve learned since becoming a Mother. 

1. Turns out you can survive on a few hours of broken sleep a night. It’s feels like torture at times, but you can survive! 

2. Each stage passes so quickly. They aren’t newborns for very long and every time you blink they have learned something else and change. Sometimes you just need to ignore your laundry pile mountain and cuddle. Time is so precious!

3. I don’t think you can fully understand a parents love for a child until you become one. I definitely didn’t anyway. It’s intense to say the least, and I think this makes you appreciate your own parents more.

4. Don’t buy expensive baby clothes unless you’re happy for them to be stained yellow. 

5. Trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby like you do. At one point we were at the doctors every week with bronchitis/eczema/vomiting or just getting Baby Knight weighed and wanting to chat to a Health Visitor. I was that crazy mother and I didn’t care! If you’re not happy, seek help.

6. Coinciding with that, be confident in the decisions you make as they are what works for your family. I used to feel almost apologetic when admitting that we enjoy co-sleeping, like it was a massive secret and people would think I was an irresponsible parent. After a year I’ve grown in confidence and I’m proud of our family.

7. This is a tricky one. Try not to compare yourselves to others. You can only see what people choose to portray. So someone’s baby slept through at 5 weeks and someone else’s baby crawled at 4 months and someone else has an immaculate house blah blah blah. Just do you.

8. Don’t get stressed about the baby weight. Just look after yourself and your baby. You’ll get there.

9. Don’t be too proud to accept help. I used to want to look like I was Super Woman and could juggle everything on my own and didn’t want to burden anyone. Accept people’s offers of help, they are sincere and you’ll feel so much better.

10. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be. So they were half an hour late for their sleep? Never mind! Just don’t get stressed about the little things and life will be much more enjoyable. It’s taken me some time to accept that my TV will always have fingerprints on it and I’ll probably always have snot and carrot puffs smeared on my jeans. It’s all good fun! 

Please feel free to join in and add your lessons learned. I really wanted to avoid describing parenting as ‘a journey’ but I’m afraid it’s a clichè for a reason!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Parent laughs

Some of the things parents come out with are just plain ridiculous. Sometimes I’ll hear myself say something that I never thought would ever leave my mouth. 

We’ve all been there. It can be so easy to compare our parenting styles and the decisions we make to other people. This is never helpful as we either feel inferior or judge someone else without knowing half the story. It’s harmful but it’s also really difficult to stop. 

Instead of comparing, let’s just laugh with each other. Let’s share some of the utterly ridiculous things that come out of our tired mouths! 

I hear myself saying, “no, we don’t eat shoes!” at least 5 times everyday. EVERY. DAY. 


That cheeky face!

One of my favourites was when my sister was feeding Baby Knight and shouted “help! There’s something in my eye! I don’t know if it’s snot or Jamaican Pork.” 

I love how Mr Knight and I will have date night and spend our time discussing our daughter’s poo. In graphic detail. Whilst having a meal. In public. I sometimes forget that many people actually don’t like talking about bodily fluids whilst eating. 

So often, being a parent is really hard work. But it is also full of laughs! And Baby Knight isn’t even talking yet, my best laughs are still to come! 

Please share your funny parenting moments and sayings and give someone else a good laugh!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

Breastfeeding, so far.

I’ve been quite reluctant to write about breastfeeding in fear of unintentionally offending or upsetting someone. But it’s such a big part of my life now that I feel it’s ridiculous to keep shying away from it. It’s National Breastfeeding Week so that seemed as good a time as any to chat about our breastfeeding story so far.


We were really fortunate that Baby Knight took to breastfeeding straight away. I was really worried about it as we missed out on skin-to-skin due to her spending time in neonatal but she latched perfectly. HUGE RELIEF! I was convinced we’d got it and would have zero issues from then on. Bless me! Whilst I was still in hospital, Baby Knight refused to feed for HOURS. A few midwives tried to help but in the end the breastfeeding consultant visited us and helped me express colostrum on a tiny spoon. Once she’d got a taste for it we were back in action the same day. The hospital staff were brilliant so make sure you ask for help and support if you need it and don’t leave until you’re happy.

So we went home and settled into life with Baby Knight feeding every 40 minutes in the early days. Seriously. That kid can eat! (Just like her mother) So it’s no wonder really that I then had to deal with the horror of cracking and bleeding. My health visitor was really helpful and with a combination of lanolin cream, silicone shields and the fact that I am stubborn as hell we made it through. But I don’t want to make light of those early weeks as it was really difficult and I know a lot of women struggle at the start. I would dread having to feed her, my heart would sink when she would cry as I knew it would hurt. At times I would bite on a rolled up muslin to cope with each feed. Then I would be left feeling like the worst mother ever as I didn’t want to feed my own baby.

It was difficult but I had a lot of support, I knew I could move onto formula at any time but I just knew I could battle through this. The best advice I had was someone telling me it would get better and to just persevere. Now, please don’t come after me with pitchforks! I know that it is not the case for so many women and this is not a post bashing mothers who use formula straight away or only breastfeed for a short amount of time. I honestly believe in doing what is best for your own family and I was really nervous about putting this up for this reason. This is just my personal experience.

All mothers are amazing and should be confident in the choices they make for their family.

For me, it did get better. Not over night but gradually the pain decreased and now it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Baby Knight is 11 months old and we’re still going strong and I have no intention of stopping any time soon.



I’ve always used a breastfeeding cover when out and about which I would really recommend. For me, it was perfect in the early days as I could sort myself out and get her latched on without feeling like I had to rush to cover myself up. I never felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public and I’ve even had people compliment on how pretty the covers are. I have a lot to cover up too so they help me to feel confident that I can feed her wherever I am, regardless of who is around. Now she is older they stop her from being distracted by what’s going on around her and allow her to concentrate on feeding.

I also use an app to time her feeds. This was useful in the early days as midwives/health visitors would often ask about her feeds and I was able to tell them roughly how many she had in a day and through the night, how long she was feeding for and the time inbetween her feeds. I also found it useful to know which side she was due to feed on next, when you’re sleep deprived it can be so difficult to remember! I still use the app just because I’m one of those mothers who likes a record of her feeds. Obviously I don’t know how much she is having so I like that I can see a rough guide on how she’s getting on.

So! To conclude, if you are struggling, PLEASE ask for help. I’m super lucky as one of my good friends is a breastfeeding buddy so if I ever have any questions she helps me out. You can find support from your midwife, your health visitor, find your local breastfeeding support group, use one of the many breastfeeding helplines, chat to other breastfeeding mothers. Nowadays there is so much help available that if you do choose to breastfeed, you don’t have to struggle on your own.


It is one of the most natural things in the world but it doesn’t always feel like it. It’s so hard sometimes! So pat yourself on the back, regardless of how long you breastfeed for, and be proud of yourself!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x