And then there were two.

I have been the mother of two for one whole month now and whilst the days are often long, I can’t believe that our boy has been here for all that time already.

People often ask how we are getting on now that Mr Knight is back at work and I just reply with “yeah, we’re all fine!” Because we are. But wow, it is HARD. I feel constantly split between the toddler, the baby and the house whilst still recovering from giving birth (which you can read about here) a few weeks ago. It can be a bit overwhelming!

Have you ever tried to breastfeed whilst wrapping Teletubbies up in Play Doh? This is my reality now!

My house is constantly a mess regardless of how much time I spend cleaning. My to-do list just seems to keep growing. Little Knight’s tantrums are getting ever more epic. Baby Knight is sleeping less and feeding more in the daytime. My husband just gets a ‘freezer tea’ every night. It takes us FOREVER to leave the house. Sometimes I feel like I may as well have 20 children!

But when I see my two gorgeous babies together, all that just becomes the details. And it’s completely true that your love for your children doubles and not halves.

We’re still figuring out our own routine but it’s all good fun. I’ve learned to lower all of my expectations, so what if all we achieve in a day is being dressed and fed? I have two happy and healthy babies. Nobody wants to be washing up anyway!

If someone offers their help, I take it! Nobody is handing out medals for doing it all on your own.

I also now do a weekly to-do list as I found I was feeling rubbish when I wasn’t ticking anything off when I did a daily one.

Most importantly, I recognise how difficult it all can be and try to remember to be especially kind to myself on the tough days. Of which there are plenty! I swear that a cup of tea and the biscuit tin are soul cleansing.



Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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