For the new big sister.

The biggest difference between this pregnancy and my last one is that I have a whole other person to take into account now. Our little girl is about to transition into a role that she didn’t ask for and doesn’t yet understand so we’re trying to make this as smooth and happy a process as possible. The baby will be content as long as he/she has constant milk and cuddles so Little Knight and her emotions are our priority at the moment.

She’s got a few age appropriate books about becoming a big sister which she really enjoys reading and she will kiss my belly and say ‘bebe’ so she has a vague understanding about the whole concept. But to be honest how can you really prepare a 2 year old for such a big change? I don’t think the husband and I are completely prepared!

I’ve prepared a special basket of treats that she will get when she first meets the baby as I really want to make a fuss about her being a big sister and how special she is.

Her basket contains:

  • A new reading book. I chose Supertato as she already has the first story in this series and really loves it.
  • Sticker book. She had the reading book of the same story so she knows it well. This is a read a long book where she has to fit the stickers into the story. She loves stickers and I thought it’d be a nice activity to do together.
  • Personalised card. I ordered it off eBay and it was very inexpensive with her name on. She obviously can’t read but I thought it’d be nice to keep.
  • Peppa Pig jumper. She actually chose this herself about 2 months ago and I put it away so she’s forgotten about it.
  • Twirlywoos figures. These were the most expensive part of the basket. She is really enjoying small figures at the moment and finds all of the Twirlywoos characters very funny. As they are little they’ll be perfect for putting in her little backpack when we go out and I know she’ll be really excited about them.
  • The basket itself was from eBay and it can be used in her bedroom afterwards.

We’ve obviously not long had Christmas so nothing is particularly extravagant but I know she’ll be really happy to have each thing. I haven’t wrapped anything as I think the whole situation will be a bit overwhelming anyway so I don’t feel like a big basket of presents will help. She can have fun opening the baby’s presents when we have visitors.

Little Knight will be staying with my parents whilst we’re having the baby so Mr Knight will collect her from there and bring her to us so it’ll just be the 4 of us. We’ll then have family and other visitors when we’ve had some time alone.

I’m so so excited but also a little apprehensive about everything but I think that’s natural when it’s such a big deal! I wrote a post about how I felt about having a second baby (which is here if you missed it) and I just think that you can’t help but feel guilty about everything when you’re a parent sometimes!

Please let me know if you did anything like this or your stories of new siblings. Hopefully it won’t be long until Baby Knight is here now!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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