Flying with a toddler.

Next month we are travelling to Southern Spain for a few days with the 2 year old. Brave or insane… I’m yet to decide! However I’m thinking preparation is key so here is what I’m packing in Little Knight’s bag for a 2.5 hour flight.

  • Twist up crayons and colouring book. Less messy than normal crayons and I don’t need a sharpener like with pencils.
  • HUGE Peppa Pig sticker book.
  • New reading books.
  • Portable DVD player.
  • Small wooden Peppa Pig puzzle.
  • Lots of snacks.
  • Spare clothes.

Everything is new from Amazon or picked up in Supermarkets so I’m hoping it’ll keep her interest for a bit longer. I’ve been looking up different toddler travelling tips and one I’m going to try is wrapping up her new things to make them last a bit longer and make the whole experience a bit more exciting.

Little Knight is still in nappies so I’m going to pop a pull-up on her for the plane so she can be changed standing up as the on board facilities are a little snug!

She’s flown before but she was only a baby and it was really easy, she basically spent the whole time on the boob! Now we need to actually be entertaining and channel our inner cbeebies. I feel like the whole plane will be rolling their eyes as soon as we board!

If you have any other tips for travelling with little children then please share them. Mr Knight is getting a bit stressed about the whole experience already! I keep reminding him that next time we go we’ll have an extra baby on board too… Poor Daddy!

Wish us luck!!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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