Turning Two

We were away in Devon for the week of Little Knight’s birthday so the night before we filled the caravan with balloons, bunting and pom poms. Her face when she walked in the next morning was so special!
We had quite a chilled day really, which was a nice contrast to how manic her 1st birthday felt when we were party prepping. She opened presents all morning then we all went off to the beach.

She was SO EXCITED when we arrived! I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time we were there. Little Knight spent the day splashing in the sea, building demolishing sand castles and scoffing ice cream. When it was time to go she was so exhausted that I carried her all the way to the car (but I really love a sleepy cuddle, even if I was on my knees by the time we got there!)

grace birthday
She had a nice long sleep in the car and then ran around outside with Daddy and Grandpa. My sister and I cooked everyone a curry as its one of Little Knight’s favourites.
We all gathered together and sang Happy Bithday then she had a slice of her birthday cake. Now she doesn’t really eat cake but she really enjoyed mushing it up and pointing at the colours, definitely worth the effort!

Curry was demolished by everyone and then we sat outside as the evening drew in. Little Knight was in full entertainment mode and wanted to perform all of the action songs on her repertoire, prancing about in her pyjamas and coat! She really loves making people laugh.20160714_124924.jpg

It was honestly the PERFECT day. It was so relaxing for everyone and Little Knight enjoyed every minute. I think I’m now sold on the idea of a chilled out birthday celebration! I was so stressed out last year trying to make everything perfect. This year all I did was buy a few decorations off eBay and bake the cake and its all we needed!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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