A letter to the birthday girl.

To my little girl,

Oh my goodness. My baby is turning 2! When?! How?! WHY?!

The time is going so quickly, I keep looking at your newborn photos and wondering how we’ve got this point already.

I love nothing more than to watch you potter around. I can see your little mind working  and it’s fascinating! You’ve started talking to yourself when you’re playing and it’s just the most adorable thing ever. At the moment you love ‘ready, steady, GO!’ You seem to say something new every day which we all find incredible and highly entertaining.

You think EVERYTHING is a slide and you will climb up and throw yourself off any furniture, including a card stand in the post office. Even though I feel like I always have my heart in my mouth, I actually really love how fearless you are. I am naturally so cautious and careful and wish I could be more like you sometimes.

I feel so proud of you that I could burst! You are such a kind little girl, you love cuddles and kisses and are so gentle with your little cousin. You absolutely beam when your daddy walks in from work and I know it makes his day.

You were pretty much bald for such a long time and then all of a sudden you grew the craziest head of curls. I secretly hoped you would have curly hair and I love it! I could never get your hair cut, your curls are wild just like you.

I’m going to make sure that you have such a fun birthday. We’ll be at the seaside and everything will be rainbows. We can talk colours ALL DAY.

Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart. We love you more than words. xxxxxxx

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