The Big, Fat Mint Wedding.

Sorry I’ve not posted anything in so long, it’s been a busy month!

My sister got married at the start of April, which was a real team effort and such a beautiful day. Not long after that Little Knight was poorly with some coughing, vomitting virus thing. It’s so all-consuming when they’re ill isn’t it? Then I’ve been working towards doing my driving theory test, which I passed yesterday. (I’d never have mentioned it otherwise!)

And now you’re caught up. So back to the wedding!

Little Knight and I stayed at my parent’s house with everyone the night before. In the morning it was all systems go. Hairdresser arrived and then I started on make up as I had myself and then 4 others to do.

Mr Knight and my dad took Little Knight out for breakfast with all the men so we could get ready. She did really well when she came back as there were lots of people she didn’t know (photographer and the lady to fasten the dresses had arrived by now too) and as I was getting ready I couldn’t just sit and comfort her.

By some miracle we were all ready with time to spare! Little Knight went off to the venue with her daddy in our car, we really tried to keep things as familiar as they could be for her as it was such a crazy day. I, however, got to ride in a gorgeous mustang with the other bridesmaids!

My poor baby was so upset by all the new faces that Mr Knight took her out so they missed the whole service, which was a shame but it’s what she needed. He took her for fresh air and quiet time to try and calm her down.

Afterwards we had a few drinks by the fountain and some group photos and then enjoyed mingling.

My sister had made everything as child friendly as she could. There were toys and a little ball pool inside and Little Knight loved rolling them around and chasing them. It helped to get her used to being around so many strangers as she had something else to focus on and she was much happier after that.

We tried to get her to sleep a few times but she was having none of it. I took her to another room to breastfeed her to try and calm her down and send her to sleep but she had her milk then wanted to twirl around in her pretty dress instead. Toddler priorities!

We ate, we drank and we had a good laugh and cry at the speeches. Special shout out to Mr Knight who had the pressure of the Best Mans speech and nailed it!

Afterwards we went to our room to freshen up and Little Knight FINALLY gave in and had a sleep. Mr Knight stayed with her while I went in search of wine and mingled with the evening guests.

She woke up and had a little dance but then fell asleep, how do kids always manage to fall asleep at parties? She did so well, it was a long and very overwhelming day for our little flower girl but I was very proud of her.

I, of course, ditched my shoes and danced until the very end. It was a brilliant day, everything we had hoped for and more.

So, congratulations Mr and Mrs Page!

The next few days felt so strange. We’d been busy planning for such a long time and then it was all over! Such a weird feeling but I’m just looking forward to the next celebration now. We’re going to our favourite spot in Devon in July and whilst we’re there it’s Mr Knight’s 25th and MY BABY GIRL TURNS 2!!

So that’ll keep me busy!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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