Is it something we’ve done?

I’ve had this post in my drafts for such a long time and I’ve really struggled with finishing it and actually posting it. But here we go.

There is no denying my daughter is mine, people tell me constantly how much she looks like me. I often wonder though, how much of her character is from me?

Do we pass most of our characteristics onto our children? I see so much of myself in Little Knight which is really special, most of the time.

If you know my little girl you will be very aware of how she finds big groups and new people difficult. It’s hard to see her get so upset over something that is difficult to control. She needs lots of close contact and reassurance from me or her dad to help her calm down. Its hard to see her so upset but I’m exactly the same so I can empathise.

I do find it really difficult though when other people just don’t understand. Some people have been openly offended that she’s cried at them, sometimes they try and get in her face and talk to her which even though they mean well just makes her worse. I’ve heard comments made about her being clingy because she is always with me as I don’t work or that she’s ‘just being silly’.

So, is this just part of who she is, (which is completely ok, she’s not a cookie cutter child) or has she picked up on my anxieties?

All anybody wants is to feel like they’re doing the right thing for their children and giving them the best start in life.

My husband and I firmly believe in the ‘trust your instincts’ approach to parenting. We often talk about how shocked we were when the midwife discharged us from hospital and just let us into the big, wide world with this baby.

But it turns out nobody does a degree in parenting and we’re all just making it up as we go along. But we’re doing our best!

I think Little Knight is just perfect and her personality is developing every day. She is hilarious and so thoughtful and yes, she doesn’t like strangers but that’s not always a bad thing anyway.

Do you see a lot of your own character in your children? Have you ever had to deal with negativity from others?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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