Time for me.

If you follow my blog you’ll have noticed that they can be a bit sporadic, sorry about that! I never got into this to be a professional blogger. I just like having my little space on the internet to write my experiences and share with others. Through all its downsides, I think we’re so lucky to have social media as rife as we do. Time goes so quickly and I love being able to look back and enjoy special moments again.

Anyway, my point was, if I don’t feel like writing, I just don’t. So if I go a bit quiet, I’m either not in the mood or just too busy.

I realised last week just how beneficial it is to your mood to have just a little bit of time on your own. I’m not talking a spa day or anything very indulgent!

Last week my lovely sister had Little Knight for about an hour and I treated myself to a trip to Aldi and went for my smear test. (Dont put it off, ladies! It’s so important!) I agree, there are better ways to spend a morning but I felt so much more relaxed and patient and ready to play. Little Knight barely noticed that I had gone but when I returned her smile was just magic.

It’s so hard though isn’t it? You just carry on day in day out and inevitably it’s going to start talking it’s toll. I definitely need to start making me-time more of a priority. I went to a Pilates class tonight and it’s really set me up for the week. I want to be ‘fun mum’ as often as possible but she gets very tired and is hard to sustain sometimes. An uninterrupted soak in the bath though and I feel rejuvenated and ready for the next day.

I think we should all vow to spend more time looking after ourselves. We are important too!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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