A toddler Christmas.

So far in my adult life I’ve enjoyed Christmas as newlyweds, Christmas pregnant and Christmas with a baby. Now we have a toddler and things have had to change!

We put the tree up on Saturday, she’s had it down twice and it’s only Monday. The last 3 Christmas’ that we’ve lived here, we’ve had a glorious real tree and I wouldn’t even let Mr Knight help to decorate it. All the pretty baubles were perfectly distributed and colour coordinated. This year I have a rubbish little 3ft tree from Tesco with about 10 baubles on.

This might sound like I’m moaning BUT Little Knight loves the rubbish tree! She does her happy squeals when the lights are turned on and had a great time throwing baubles at it. When we bought the tree she took a liking to some £1 tinsel and she’s been enjoying throwing it around the room and tickling her feet with it.

That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? Enjoying Christmas through a child’s eyes is so special. She didn’t see a rubbish tree, she thinks it’s beautiful!

I’m learning that having a toddler is exhausting but so much fun. We’re planning outings with family to see Christmas lights. We’re taking her to see reindeer. When she’s asleep I find myself on Pinterest looking at festive activities we can do. I’ve put some Santa bells in my bag so that when we’re at church, she can jingle along to the carols. She’s even been treated to a festive babyccino (which she didn’t care about but I loved every second.)


Mr Knight bought the Happy Land nativity set as we wanted some decorations that Little Knight could enjoy too. I thought this can be something that comes out every year and will mean even more when she’s older and understands the characters. We also have a beautiful Usborne Nativity book which is touchy-feely with not too many words so perfect for her age. I know at 16 months she won’t understand the story but I want her to know what Christmas is really about from as young as possible and you never really know how much they take in.

We haven’t gone too crazy with the presents, she’s got some things that I would have bought anyway but have been wrapped up like finger paints and stickers. She has had a couple of toys as she seems to have grown out of a lot of hers now so I’ll have a good clear out before the big day and refresh her toybox.

If you have any toddler activity ideas or days out please let me know. I want to make the most of everyday and anyone with a 1 year old will know you have to keep busy! What are you excited for in the lead up to Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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