A photoshoot with a toddler.

It had come to the point where we just could not get a decent photo of the three of us. No matter how hard my poor sister tried, Little Knight was having none of it.

But I won’t let a child beat me in my quest for family photos! Instead, I hired a professional.


Much better!

I’m so happy with how our photos turned out and you wouldn’t even know that Little Knight wasn’t feeling very cooperative that day.


Here are a few points to consider if you’re looking to have photos done yourself.

  • Choose a photographer with experience of working with children. Little Knight cried for the first 10 minutes and wouldn’t leave our side for the next 20 minutes. Our photographer (Picture This – seriously cannot recommend enough) and his partner were AMAZING. We felt so relaxed which definitely rubbed off on Little Knight and they spent the time playing with her and building up a bit of a relationship. They have a daughter of a similar age and it made a big difference knowing that they ‘get it’.  I think it’s vital to feel comfortable with your photographer.


  • Give yourself plenty of time. As mentioned above, we had some settling in time to factor in and we all know toddlers will not be rushed! We had over two hours and ended up with lots of lovely images to choose from.
  • Be prepared! I’m talking (not messy) snacks, tissues, a drink, wipes and anything else you can think of. We had to have a lot of breaks.
  • Think about your outfits. You might want to go matchy-matchy or coordinated colours, especially if these photos will be up in your home. I put Little Knight in bright red and then my husband and I in darks so that she would really stand out in the photos.


  • Have an idea about some of the photos you want. Your photographer will have lots of ideas too but it’s good to have a few shots in mind. I obviously wanted some of the three of us and I wanted a breastfeeding photo.


And just have fun! My favourite photos are the natural smiles and at 15 months, Little Knight will not pose, so we just played and enjoyed being outdoors with her.

How have you found getting photos of your family? Have you ever had professional photos done yourself? Please share any other tips you have, we’ll definitely be having more done when she is older.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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