Weaning troubles

Oh my life. I hated weaning. If I could’ve, I would’ve exclusively breastfed until Little Knight was ready for steak.

We started when she was 6 months old with fruit and veg purées and baby cereal mixed with breastmilk. It took her a few weeks but then she got a taste for it and we were off. All was fine until it was time to introduce lumps and texture. My poor baby would gag and projectile vomit EVERYTHING that wasn’t purée or a puff (and to be honest sometimes she was still sick on those). The amount of people that told me to give her baby rice cakes or a biscotti ‘because they dissolve’ but she would have the same reaction.

Purees made us happy.

I found the whole thing really stressful and would be filled with anxiety at every meal time. I know you shouldn’t, but I was definitely comparing what she was eating to others her age. Other children would be more than happy with sticks of vegetables or pasta and I really felt like I was doing something wrong. It was upsetting seeing her struggle with food and be so sick each time. A fair few times we went out and she just covered us both in sick. I’m pretty sure we both smelt like baby vomit for 4 whole months.

At first I spoke to health visitors who just said that she’d get better as she got older. I then took her to the doctor who prescribed medicine for reflux. She was on this for two months as she had a bad cold so it was difficult to tell if it was working at first, even now she’s always really sick whenever she has a cold.

When she was 10 months we had her development check and I told the health visitor how concerned I was and that the medicine wasn’t working. She was brilliant and listened to everything I had to say and completely agreed something wasn’t right. She referred me to her colleague whose expertise was in baby weaning and diet. I completed a food diary for a few weeks and she called me repeatedly over that time to check Baby Knight’s progress.

One of the tips was to give her weetabix for breakfast and slowly make it thicker every few days so she got used to different textures.

After a few weeks, things started to improve. I remember Baby Knight eating scrambled egg and I was so happy I had a little mum cry. Finally. We were getting somewhere!

We concluded that Baby Knight had an extremely sensitive gag reflex which was taking a while to move to further down her throat. But we got there. It took a lot of patience and loads of laundry, but she was finally able to eat some whole foods.

Now Little Knight is 13 months old and we don’t have anymore sicky mealtimes. There are some textures she’s still unsure of, particularly any meat, but we just keep trying and I know she’ll get there soon. I was worried she would become anxious with food but she loves munching on a strip of red pepper and would have pasta every night if she could. We’ve even go to the point where I can cook 1 meal for the 3 of us which feels amazing! It may seem like something so small to other people but I feel like I could burst with pride whenever Little Knight tries some new food. We are currently loving the Ella’s Kitchen cookbooks which are filled with really delicious recipes for every stage of weaning and beyond. We got ours from Amazon and I would really recommend them.

Curry for 3!

I read a lot of positive posts about weaning, which is brilliant, but it can be frustrating when you’re finding it difficult. If you are struggling make sure you keep asking for help and advice. It took a while but I kept bringing it up (no pun intended…) and we got the support we needed. You know your child the best.

Please share any of your weaning stories! Every family is different and I love hearing about other people’s experiences.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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