Beauty Favourites

If I had sat down 2 years ago and wrote about my favourite beauty items, the list would probably be 30 products long. I am a beauty product junkie. These days however I have very limited time due to that cheeky toddler who will either be clinging to my legs or destroying the house. I want products that are super quick but work hard.

The market is completely saturated with ‘must-haves’ so I’m always really interested in other peoples favourite products. If it’s been recommended, I’ll want to give it a go!

So, here are my top beauty favourites now that I’m a mum.

Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo

Who has time to wash their hair anymore?! This is a quick fix and leaves your hair feeling fresh and smelling amazing. It also comes in a range of fragrances so you can choose your favourite. The little can is changing bag sized for spritzing on the go. (Obviously they come with lids but Little Knight took a shine to them)

Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash and Silky Smooth Body Lotion

These were bought for me by a lovely mummy friend and I’m really enjoying them. The shower gel is fresh and foamy and everything you really want in the shower but the lotion is the real hero. It has a pump so is really quick to apply, smells incredible and most importantly… absorbs instantly! By the time I’ve done my legs, my top half is dry and I can get dressed. Lovely, soft skin with minimal effort!


I’ve talked about my love for this before but it has seriously improved the look of my stretchmarks. I just quickly rub it in every night before bed and sleep in a nursing vest top so it really sinks in. I think I’m on my 5th bottle now and it’s worth every penny!

Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter

It’s no secret that Little Knight doesn’t sleep very well (now or ever!) which is not good news for my poor face. I use this to brighten under my eyes and it’s like magic. Who needs sleep?! (*Sobs*)

The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream

I don’t wear full foundation very often anymore but when my skin is looking rough or I’m having a breakout, I feel better with a little coverage. This comes out white and I just rub it in like moisturiser. It’s colour adapting so just works into the skin and evens everything out.

Benefit Roller Lash vs Two Faced Better than Sex Mascaras 

I just couldn’t choose! I’m currently using the Roller Lash but they are both better than any other mascaras I have tried. I find a quick coat instantly opens up your eyes and makes such a difference. The Roller Lash has a little comb applicator so is less messy to apply whereas the Two Faced has a big brush so takes less coats. The jury’s out.

L’oreal Paris Facial Cleansing Oil

My sister recommended this to me a few months ago and I’ve not touched any other make up remover since. I am not exaggerating, this removes all makeup in seconds! It is probably my favourite product ever for how time saving it is. You just rub it over your make up onto dry skin then rinse it off. That’s it! You only need 2 pumps so the bottle will last ages too. Wonder product!

I hope you’ve found this handy or interesting. Please let me know any of your favourite quick and easy beauty products, I’m always looking to add to my collection!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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