A little baby shower

My baby sister is due to have her own baby in a few weeks and I could BURST with excitement! Now that she’s finished work my mother and I decided to spoil her with an afternoon of cake and presents. Pregnancy perks!

The invitations

We hired the upstairs in a lovely little coffee shop that my mum and I are becoming regulars in. It’s decorated beautifully so we didn’t need to do much, we just added some bunting, hanging decorations and a balloon cluster. We went with a yellow and grey theme as she hasn’t found out the gender. (This just adds to the excitement!)

I put a Baby Prediction card in everyone’s space where each guest could guess the gender, size, date and time of birth and leave a little message for my sister. This really helped to break the ice and got everyone talking which created a lovely atmosphere. It was also really nice to read everyone’s predictions afterwards and there was a combination of funny and sweet messages.

That bump ❤

We all had some lunch and drinks then she opened her presents. This took ages as she had LOADS but everyone enjoyed seeing what she had. The chorus of ‘awwwwww’s was deafening!

My sister then cut her cake and it got shared around. This all took 2 hours! It was the perfect length as my sister was getting really tired by the end and she had still managed to talk to everybody. I didn’t bother with the traditional games as they aren’t really her thing and we had a real mix of ages. I was worried it would be strange without playing games but they weren’t missed and the afternoon flowed really well.

 I love baby showers! I had one before I had Little Knight and I think they are such a special way of celebrating being pregnant and being spoilt before the baby arrives.

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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