First Birthday celebrations!

The actual birthday

The day finally arrived! My baby girl’s first birthday. Despite feeling very emotional during the build up and having a sad moment the night before, the day itself was tear free. She decided to have a lie in til 8 and for once I was lying in bed willing for her to wake up! After showing her what to do she loved ripping her presents open so she could eat the paper to see what was inside. I decided to lovingly make Little Knight a special birthday breakfast of banana pancakes with strawberries, which she refused to eat and threw on the floor. Standard breakfast really.

We had a morning of visitors, Little Knight had a big sleep, then we took her out to soft play which was beautifully quiet. She had more visitors on the evening and really lapped up all the attention! It was such a lovely day.

The party

Skip forward to Saturday and it was party time! I’d booked the sunshine for the day which was lucky so we set up outside. It was Pink Lemonade themed and the garden looked beautiful! The next few hours were filled with friends and family enjoying drinks and cakes with children playing. It was exactly what I wanted and definitely worth all the months of preparation.

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

For entertainment, we were fortunate that a lot of Little Knight’s presents were outdoor toys. We had a sand table with toys in it, a swing, a handmade teepee and a playhouse. I then just took out her ballpit and a box of musical instruments. Add a bubble machine and everyone was happy! This also meant that I didn’t have to bother with party games. Winner!


I felt really touched with how many people came to spend the day with us and how blessed my little girl is to have so many special people in her life. Thank you to everyone that came and for her lovely presents. Thank you cards to follow! It turns out I am that mum who sits with a pen and paper during present time writing out the thank you list. I might make her call everyone to say thank you when she’s older, kids love that.

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Decorations and details

The bunting was made especially for the party by our friend at Rosierags Crafts and it really finished off the garden, I cannot recommend her enough, my photos do not do it justice at all!

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

I spent more hours than I’m willing to say making Little Knight’s birthday chalkboard but I was so happy with the finished product. I love that we can look back at her interests when she is older and it was a great feature on the drinks table. First I painted the frame then I measured out sections in pencil. I sketched everything out with pencil first then went over it with a silver and gold permanent paint marker pen. Everything is available from The Range.

I also had lots of comments about the jars for drinks which were simple but really effective. I finished them off with paper straws that I bought from eBay.

I made a banner using photos of Little Knight through her first year. I had them printed by Snapfish as I wanted square photos from my Instagram. I then backed them onto coloured card and decorated them with card party hats and pretty buttons I found on Amazon for a few pence. I attached them altogether with pink gingham ribbon from eBay. It was really nice for our guests to look back on her first year and see how much she has changed.

 All the other banners, balloons etc. were either picked up from different supermarkets over the months or eBay.

Her cake was made by a local events shop where we have had many celebration cakes from over the years. I wanted it to look simple but pretty and it was perfect. Delicious too! For anyone local it was Cloud Nine in Quarry Bank.


For the party bags I bought some paper sweet bags from eBay and sealed then with personalised stickers. They looked lovely and were only small so I didn’t have to spend much money to fill them! They included bubbles, number and shape stickers, a blower and a small chocolate.


Her lemonade stand was lovingly made by my dad which was a really sweet feature and very popular with the children!

It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and Little Knight was happy which is all that matters. Although I might try and have a quiet one for her next birthday. She says!

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Photo credit: Charlotte Taylor

Thank you for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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