No calling in sick

Last week we went to Somerset with Mr Knight’s parents and stayed in a lovely little lodge which was incredibly relaxing and the weather was a complete dream.

And then illness struck. Now I’ve been ill before since Baby Knight has been around and it is so hard to carry on when you just want to slob in bed all day but this was a whole new level of poorly. It was your dreaded sickness bug and everyone except Baby Knight (thank goodness) was suffering.

Cue a night of breastfeeding whilst simultaneously throwing up in a bowl as silently as possible. It really hit home just how much this little person needed me and the responsibility weighed heavy. It was the most difficult night we’ve ever had. There were a few tears, half mine, but we survived! That sounds pathetically dramatic but I have never felt so poorly, and I spent 8 months being sick last year. The next day we relied on Peppa Pig to carry us through.

It’s not a secret that I absolutely love breastfeeding and I’m always banging on about it to anyone who’ll listen but I admit there were many times when I’d have cut my boob off for someone else to have given Baby Knight a feed! As much as I love it, it is tough when it’s all on you to provide the goods. I was also stressing about my milk when I couldn’t even keep a sip of water down.

Fortunately it was just a 24 hour death and by the Thursday we were able to get dressed and function as human beings. We were feeling quite weak but took Baby Knight out to a little farm to meet real life Peppa. I was feeling a lot of Mummy Guilt about using the TV as a third parent so I was determined to find a baby friendly activity. And we were seriously overdue some fresh air.

Recuperating at the farm

Recuperating at the farm

Thankfully Baby Knight was her usual happy, lovely self and despite a couple of poorly days we really enjoyed having Daddy with us all week. I even had a couple of cheeky lie ins which all parents know are more valuable than gold!

Thanks for reading,

Knight Mummy x

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