Mr Knight talks

Hello! I am Mr Knight and I’ve decided to join in and do a post of my own about how being a dad is very different to being a mum. You have the obvious similarities such as the sleepless nights, the ‘am I doing the right thing?’ questions, worrying every time they make a sound etc but there are also some big differences.

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

For starters, Mrs Knight can breastfeed and I can’t (I did try but it didn’t work out). Next, take pregnancy and labour, as the man you get pushed into the background a bit and understandably so as you aren’t the one growing a baby inside of your belly, with crazy hormones, backache, sickness and all the other pregnancy fun. That is unless you are one of those rare men who get all the symptoms too, this was something that Mrs Knight would simply not allow as I would be ‘stealing her thunder’. Also I’d look ridiculous with a big belly and skinny arms, like a Mr Blobby/Peter Crouch hybrid.

Labour fun

Labour fun

As the man you might not feel part of the whole labour process, but you can be! Mrs Knight was so grateful when I just passed her the Lucozade or made sure the big bouncy ball was always there if she wanted it (those things are so much fun), or even just to be there to help her through the most painful yet rewarding experience of her life.

When Baby Knight came into the world my dad instincts quickly kicked in. Whilst I couldn’t breastfeed, I could change nappies, check she was breathing (constantly) and make a good cuppa (for Mrs Knight, not the baby). Mrs Knight had a caesarean so I had the responsibility of lifting pretty much everything while she recovered. Mrs Knight decided to breastfeed and with that comes a really cool bond between mother and baby. Now I didn’t have that bond so I had to make sure I put the extra effort in, at the moment we have bath time and bedtime stories although I’m sure it will change as she grows up. I love this time we have, just me and her playing with the bubbles, watching her face light up when she makes a splash. Then once I’ve got her ready for bed I read her a book or two before the night-time feed, nothing heavy yet just touchy-feely books and Peppa Pig, we’re yet to start War and Peace.

Another dad struggle is baby girl fashion. For some reason, the buttons on the back of her tiny tops aren’t normal buttons, they are flower shaped! I have stubby thumbs that were never designed to get flower shaped buttons in cotton so I’m there for ages! This has resulted in me having simple, no fuss ‘dad friendly’ outfits. Don’t get me started on tights. Especially now Baby Knight wants to move around, I get one leg in, then get the other leg in, only to see the first leg flailing around mocking my incompetence, it’s a horrible game of Hokey Cokey! Finally I get both legs in, happy days! But then BOSH I get a big kick where it hurts.

Daddy daughter time

Daddy daughter time

To conclude, being a dad is a whole different ball game but just try to enjoy every moment.

Thanks for reading! Normal service will resume next week.

Knight Daddy x

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