Support for daddies.

This is something that has really been on my mind the last few months. It appears much of the world is still quite prehistoric when it comes to parenting and it is often assumed dads don’t really do anything. Of course there are men out there who aren’t the most helpful with the children, equally there are lazy mothers, but I feel men are more prone to being all grouped together and often just the butt of many jokes. In preparation for this post, I typed in ‘support for dads’ and ‘appreciation for dads’ into different websites and found many results for mums or posts criticising dads.

Deadbeat dads - funny how they can afford internet, yet not child support.

An example of typical search results.

Ok, so women do have a lot of work to do with the pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding to name a few. Yes, it is hard! There will be many, many posts on this in the future I’m sure. However I couldn’t have done any of it without Mr Knight. From holding my hair back whilst I was being sick to stopping me from rolling off the bed during labour he has been a brilliant husband. But that is NOTHING compared to what a great daddy he is. He could not do more for our daughter! And he’s not alone. I see amazing dads all the time. My heart swells when I see a man walking around with a pram but it’s almost like they are a secret breed that mustn’t be acknowledged. It seems you can barely put the TV on or log into social media without seeing men being slagged off. I understand that there are many women going it alone and I take my hat off to them but for once, I want a little bit of daddy appreciation.

Daddies are amazing!

Our own super dad

Our own super dad

Mothers work hard. Everyone knows that. Daddies work hard too and don’t seem to get much acknowledgment. It’s 2015 and men are a lot more hands on than decades gone by. There appears to be a slow increase in dad groups but after doing some research they are still few and far between.  Mr Knight joined a group on Facebook for dads to chat about all things baby and it’s full of hardworking men. It’s really great to see him getting excited talking about our daughter and comparing funny anecdotes. (It’s The Dad Network if you’re interested. They also have a private dads group but I’m not allowed to know anything about that… ask inside for details!)

Time is precious

Time is precious

So! They may not be able to help grow the babies and their nipples are completely useless but we’ll (try to) put that aside as we celebrate the amazing dads in the world!

Thanks for reading,

Knight  Mummy x

One thought on “Support for daddies.

  1. I love this one about daddies, because people seem to forget that the daddies are part of the whole experience aswell 🙂 really enjoyed reading it 🙂 xx


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